Challenge accepted: Graduates ask future students to donate

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The gauntlet has been thrown. Each of Duxbury High School’s classes for next year have been challenged by this year’s graduating class as one last gift before they left for good. 

Standing before a sea of green and white at Saturday’s graduation, senior speaker Patrick Shay presented the senior gift. From experience, Shay said, the seniors learned that it was difficult to stay hydrated while also keeping their seats in what they call the “Breadboard” area, an area for seniors to hang out and eat that is not the cafeteria.

Stuck in the mud: Boy helps crews rescue man

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A young visitor to Duxbury is being called a hero after helping to save a man who had gotten stuck in the mud. Jack Ahrens, 11, spotted a man stuck up to his armpits in mud off of Cove Street on Saturday night. He ran to alert a neighbor, who called the fire department.

The journey begins now

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The graduates were seated on the lawn, looking straight ahead at the new Duxbury High School. Backhoes, dump trucks, frontend loaders and a crater the Moon would be proud of separated student from structure under the hot June sun.

A season of celebrities: Bookbreeze kicks off fourth season

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This summer is the season of celebrities at the Duxbury Free Library.

With big name authors and exciting new events, Duxbury Free Library Director Carol Jankowski and Brooke McDonough, of Westwinds Bookshop, are excited for this year’s annual Bookbreeze event.

“We have a lot of high-end authors coming our way this summer,” McDonough said. “A lot of superstars.”

The Bookbreeze season kicks off on June 10 with a visit from Sue Miller and J. Courtney Sullivan, who will both present and discuss their recent works.

“Sue Miller is new and is a great author,” McDonough said. “We’ve had Courtney Sullivan here before and she’s fabulous.” For those readers interested in sports, author and Globe sportswriter Bob Ryan will present his book, “Scribe: My life in sports,” on June 17.

“This will be right in time for Father’s Day, which we thought was quite fitting,” Jankowski said.

This year, Bookbreeze will also cater to bee enthusiasts with a visit from Noah Wilson-Rich, who will discus his book, “The Bee: A Natural History.” McDonough said she is excited for this particular event because each year she tries to do something “quirky” within Bookbreeze and beekeeping has recently gotten a lot of buzz, so she said she is looking forward to inviting bee enthusiasts to the library on June 13.

Jankowski said she is especially looking forward to this year’s Friends of the Library Gala, which will be held on June 24 and will feature Pulitzer prize-winning author Geraldine Brooks. To kick off that event, Jankowski will read the first chapter of Brooks’ novel, “Caleb’s Crossing,” at the Duxbury Senior Center on Tuesday, June 9 at 12:30 p.m.

Also new this year will be a multi-community event, dubbed “Three towns: One Boston Girl.” For this event, the communities of Duxbury, Kingston and Marshfield will read Anita Diamant’s “The Boston Girl,” and will gather at the Performing Arts Center on Aug. 5 to hear Diamant read an excerpt from the book. Marianne Leone, author of “Jesse” will MC the event. Tickets are required for this event. The $5 charge for the ticket can be applied toward the purchase of “The Boston Girl” at Westwinds Bookshop.


“This is the first time we’ve done something like this,” McDonough said. “Anita Diamant is a huge author and we are looking forward to her coming to town.”


This year, the Bookbreeze finale will be focused on the novel, “Flight of the Sparrow.” The library will again team up with the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society, as well as Carolyn Ravenscroft, to discuss what they call “facts in fiction.”


“Carolyn is brilliant,” Mc-Donough said. “She will talk about the book and the facts and will start the discussion. When you read historical fiction, you always have those moments when you wonder to yourself which parts are true and which are fictional, and now we get to find out.”


To learn more about this year’s Bookbreeze event or to register online, visit duxburyfreelibrary. org.


Right time, right place: Local company, residents support Habitat build

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Martine Taylor, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, Executive Director, Evelyn Nelson, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, VP of Development, Sarah Valentini, radius financial group inc. principal Keith Polaski, radius financial group inc. principal & COO



This summer, South Shore Habitat for Humanity will break ground in Duxbury and local residents and companies are joining in for a good cause.

In May, the Board of Selectmen voted to approve a bid from South Shore Habitat for Humanity to create a singlefamily home on the site of the old Grange Hall on Franklin Street. In April the Duxbury Affordable Housing Trust approved a request to convert two lots into one to allow the construction. In July, the organization will start the yearlong building process. Duxbury resident Dustin Demeritt works in marketing for Radius Financial Group, an independent mortgage company based on the South Shore.

Three months ago, he began generating ideas on how the company could give back to the community and he came across South Shore Habitat for Humanity. With the combined goal of creating a better company and supporting the local communities, Demeritt sat down with organizers from Habitat to discuss how his company could get involved.

“As it turns out, they are just about to wrap up their most recent build in Hanover and will begin building in Duxbury in July,” he said. “I was just in the right place at the right time.” Demeritt is not the only one at the company with local ties. Keith Polaski, COO of the Radius Financial Group, is also a Duxbury resident. When they learned the next build was going to be in their home town, they decided to pursue it. The company partnered with Habitat and is about to set out on a yearlong project full of fundraising and volunteer work.

“It gives us an opportunity to improve our company but also to give back to the community that means so much to us,” Demeritt said.

Employees at the company will spend 10 days throughout the project on site in Duxbury, helping volunteers build. Demeritt said they are brainstorming way to involve more volunteers and local mortgage or real estate companies, such as having a building competition.

Other fundraising events will include a bike ride and events in Duxbury to help educate residents on Habitat for Humanity and the hard work done by volunteers. “There’s been a lot of conversations about this property and we are excited to help it reach its potential,” Demeritt said. “Timing is everything.”

Martine Taylor, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, Executive Director, Evelyn Nelson, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, VP of Development, Sarah Valentini, radius financial group inc. principal Keith Polaski, radius financial group inc. principal & COO

Martine Taylor, South Shore Habitat for Humanity, Executive Director, John Lynah, radius financial group inc. CFO, Dustin Demeritt, radius financial group inc. Director of Marketing 


Beach Reservation repairs beach

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After a tough winter, the Duxbury Beach Reservation has accomplished several of the items on its to-do list in preparation for this summer.