Duxbury’s deep freeze:Snow, ice & shocking temps blanket town

Written by Administrator
 | Wednesday, 29 January 2014 16:12

Duxbury disappeared into a flurry of snowflakes and high winds as an extremely cold snowstorm dumped nearly a foot and a half of snow on the town.

Schools were closed, as were town offices and recreation buildings Wednesday during a storm that caused a town-wide whiteout. The storm lasted through noon on Wednesday with a total snowfall of 17 inches. While areas of Greater Boston received single-digit snowfall totals, the South Shore hit hard, with Norwell racking up 18.3 inches, Hanover 18 inches, and Duxbury and Weymouth with 17 inches.

There was minor flooding during this storm, compared to the extensive flooding that occurred during the snowstorm earlier this month. According to the Duxbury Beach Reservation, Duxbury Beach held up during this most recent storm with no washovers, erosion or flooding.

“It’s nice to get a break and even nicer to pass on good news,” the Reservation posted on its Facebook page.

Various inlets around town saw massive freezing during the single-digit temperatures. While Monday saw temperatures near 50 degrees, artic temperatures are expected for the rest of the week. Though no storms are currently on the radar, Duxbury firefighters remind residents to shovel out fire hydrants and to check that outside heating equipment vents are clear from high snowdrifts. The Duxbury Harbormaster reminded residents that while temperatures have remained below freezing for several days in a row, the only ice that is truly safe to skate on is at an ice rink.

During their day off from school, Maddy Berry, Charlotte Hamilton, Emma Cosgrove and Jake Bery knocked on the doors of St. George Street residents, offering to shovel driveways and walkways, “because it’s fun.”

“Despite efforts by grateful homeowners to compensate them, they would not accept payment,” said Beth Gregg, who took a picture of the good neighbors.