Duxbury is teaming up with Marshfield to try to stem the severe flooding that affects homes close to Duxbury beach near the Marshfield town line.

Town Manager René Read said officials from both towns have met and formed a plan to address “perennial flooding issues” in the northernmost portion of Duxbury specifically on Bay Street in Mashfield, Bay Avenue, Gurnet Road, Park Avenue and Plymouth Avenue.

During the most recent winter storm and high tide cycle, thousands of gallons of sea water poured through a manmade opening in the seawall in Marshfield, badly flooding the streets and the houses on them, which are located between Gurnet Road and the beach and sit in a low lying area.

“During the course of our discussion, we reviewed the situation the residents faced as a result of our most recent storm (on Jan. 3) and developed a plan to move forward with the installation of a temporary means in an attempt to alleviate some of the flooding that occurs in this neighborhood,” Read told Duxbury selectmen last week.

Duxbury will provide large sandbags that will be filled with Marshfield sand and will be installed in three locations at the end of Bay Street in Marshfield using both Duxbury and Marshfield manpower, Read said.

“If this project is successful, the concept going forward will be to install the sandbags on or about Thanksgiving each year and remove them on or about Memorial Day,” he said.

Read acknowledged that the sandbags may not be the key to holding back the force of Mother Nature, but he said it was a start.

“While we recognize that this is not a permanent solution to the flooding issues, we believe it will provide some degree of temporary relief to help address this situation,” he said.

Read said the project should be completed by the end of the month before the next astronomical high tide.