Duxbury boaters will see their mooring fees increase by a dollar per foot starting Feb. 15.

The Board of Selectmen approved new mooring fees and also raised the cost of shellfish permits at their Jan. 13 meeting.

Harbormaster Don Beers proposed the new waterfront fees, which affect all moorings and tender tie-ups, a total of 971 licenses. He said the purpose was to provide additional revenue for Duxbury’s $80,000 share of the proposed channel and harbor-dredging project and to fund the $4,000 for repairs and maintenance needed at the town pier. Beers spread the cost of the total of these two items, $84,000, over five years to arrive at the need for an additional $16,800. The fee increases are expected to bring in $17,437 in additional revenue.

Fee Increases:                                        Current       Feb. 15

Deep water and basing flats mooring      $8/foot        $9/foot

Howland’s Landing mooring                    $7/foot        $8/foot

Two Rock mooring                                  $7/foot        $8/foot

Clark’s Island mooring                             $7/foot        $8/foot

Tidal flats mooring (flat rate)                    $25             $30

Tender fees                                            $100/$120 $110/$130

Resident shellfish permit                         $30             $35

Non-resident shellfish permit                   $110           $120


Deep water and basin flats moorings will increase from $8 to $9 per foot. Moorings at Howland’s Landing, Two Rock and Clark’s Island will rise from $7 to $8 per foot. The flat rate for tidal flats moorings will increase from $25 to $30. Tender fees will rise from $100/$120 to $110/$130.

Resident shellfish permits will increase $5 to $35. Non-resident permits will rise $10 to $120. There are 264 residents and 442 non-residents with clamming licenses.

Beers anticipates the shellfish license hikes to provide an additional $5,740 in revenue, which will be used to cover rising expenses in the harbormaster’s department.

Waterfront fees and shellfish permit prices last increased in 2007.