IMG_2404Many neighborhoods were flooded and several people required assistance during last week’s snowstorm that slammed Duxbury.

The storm started early Thursday morning with a light but steady snow. As forecasters had warned, areas of town began flooding with the first high tide just before noon Thursday. The first areas to flood were the Bluefish River Bridge and King Caesar Road, which saw inches of water that crept up along shorefront property and splashed over piers. The storm began to build Thursday night, with increasing winds and even higher tides in the next 24 hours.

The National Guard arrived in Duxbury just before midnight on Thursday to assist emergency crews with managing flood zones and assisting affected residents. National Guardsmen and emergency personnel made multiple trips out to Gurnet and Saquish to monitor conditions.

While many reports said rescues had taken place in Duxbury, Fire Captain Rob Reardon said evacuations were entirely up to the residents. In one case, a resident wanted to check on an elderly neighbor who was home alone. A National Guard truck went to the neighbor’s house and asked if she needed assistance. She and her daughter, who had parked their car a couple of blocks away, decided to voluntarily evacuate, with the assistance of the National Guard.

In another case, Reardon said a family was trapped in- side their home but were doing fine and the father requested assistance to reach them.

“The water was so deep the truck had to back down the street so the man could get to his three young kids and wife at home.”

The Duxbury Harbormaster advised residents of a gale force warning that was in effect until Friday evening, with a freezing spray advisory also in effect. Duxbury Beach was temporarily closed due to winter storm conditions.

All eyes were on Duxbury and neighboring coastal town Scituate for the duration of the storm and post-storm clean up. The Duxbury Senior Center was open as a warming shelter throughout the storm and several local organizations reached out to help residents in need. While the snow is now mostly melted due to Monday’s thaw, issues remain for residents whose neighborhoods were flooded.