NEWs-_WrestlersDuxbury wrestlers lent the Duxbury Fire Department a helping hand Sunday as they dug out fire hydrants for two hours while emergency crews responded to multiple calls.

Kyle McCarthy, the boys’ wrestling coach, said he learned about the boys’ plans after their tournament against Whitman-Hanson. Wrestling captain Jim Chappuis went to the fire station after hearing they were in need of assistance.

“I’m not sure how much planning he did or if he just got the idea and ran with it,” McCarthy said. “I’m not surprised he followed through with it; he’s a leader by nature.”

Chappuis rounded up seven other wrestlers to help clear the hydrants. Kyle Auer, Patrick Quilty, Hal Mosher, Michael Gill, Declan Doloff, Carter Lewis and Eddie Cawley split into two groups and cleared more than 50 hydrants in the two hours.

Fire Captain Rob Reardon said the wrestlers’ assistance was crucial, as several fire fighters had planned to clear hydrants in the morning but were called away on several calls, including multiple car fires.

“It was great having those guys helping us out on Sunday,” Reardon said. “It is tough to run around responding to medical calls, carbon monoxide calls and car fires while also trying to clear all the fire hydrants in town. The wrestlers did a great job.”

Reardon stressed the importance of clearing out fire hydrants and appealed to residents for their help in clearing out hydrants near their homes. “We need the hydrants to be

cleared so that we can appropriately respond to emergencies,” Reardon said. “You’d be amazed at how buried some of these hydrants were after the storm.”