Conservation administrator Joe Grady released a report just before 4 p.m. Friday afternoon stating the dunes and plantings put in place last spring by the Duxbury Beach Reservation held throughout the two-day snowstorm that hit Duxbury and caused major flooding along coastal properties. However, about 60 percent of the snow fencing was lost in the storm.

The new 1,000 linear-feet dune, which was created after relocating the road betwen High Pines and Plums Hills, was washed away, along with all the plants and grass the Reservation planted this past fall.

"But that is why we call our artificial dunes "sacrifical dunes," Grady said in the report. "They kept the beach from breaching and prevented storm surge from making the flooding from the astronomically high tides worse than it was along the shoreline." 

Grady said plans will be made to replace the lost dune this spring. 

Maggie Kearney, Duxbury Beach Reservation president, said Grady reported a lot of flooding along the back road from the bay side. 

"The ovrall good news is that the back road is still passable, all our spring dunes and plantings survived and most of the posts are okay," Kearney said. "The parking lot did not fill up with sand. We have plenty of cleanup work to do, but the situation is not catastrophic."