Governor Deval Patrick said in winter storm response press conference one family in Duxbury required evacuation assistance during snowstorm Hercules.

Friday morning: As snowstorm Hercules slowly comes to an end, Duxbury Fire and Police continue working with the National Guard to secure low-lying areas that have flooded throughout the past two high tides.

A gale force warning is in effect in Duxbury until 7 p.m. tonight with a freezing spray advisory in effect until 6 p.m, according to the Duxbury Harbormaster. Duxbury Beach has also been temporarily closed due winter storm conditions, according to the Harbormaster. The Fire Department has made mulitple trips to Gurnet with the National Guard to keep an eye on the progress of the storm as the high tide approaches around noon. 

Flooding is a major concern for coastal residents in Duxbury. While no evacuations have occured as of yet, the National Guard is out on the waterfront along with Duxbury emergency crews. 


Early Friday morning, fire crews responded to a carbon monoxide call on Gurnet Road, where a heater vent iced over. Residents are encouraged to check all vents to ensure they are not blocked by ice or snow. 

On Friday morning, Duxbury Fire Crews responded to a medical call where a resident was suffering from a heart attack. While crews worked towards getting to the house, a good Samaritan and neighbor snow plowed a path to the patient's house to help crews provide assistance quickly. 

The National Guard arrived in Duxbury just before midnight on Thursday, to assist Duxbury fire crews with managing flooded areas and checking on affected residents. The National Guard and fire crews made multiple trips to Gurnet, which was the first area to flood when the high tide hit around 11 a.m. on Thursday.

The Duxbury Senior Center is open as a warming shelter for those in need. The Center is located at 10 Mayflower Street and can be reached by phone at 781-934-5774. For non-emergency storm-related concerns, please contact the Duxbury Fire Department at 781-934-7159. For emergencies, contact 9-1-1. 

Ocean Road North Duxbury in National Guard HUMVEE.
Photos courtesy of Duxbury Fire Department, @DXFD_PIO.