COVER-UP: Members of the DHS cross-country and track teams will have protection from the elements while waiting to compete in their fall and spring schedules.Duxbury is often recognized for its many unique characteristics. The historic charm of Washington Street at Christmas time, the picturesque Powder Point bridge and Farfars homemade ice cream all add to the mystique of this little seaside town. Duxbury is also known for being a high school sports powerhouse. Duxbury athletes excel in a variety of sports, from sailing to volleyball. Many students go on to play sports in college and a lucky few at the professional level. The often unrecognized heroes behind these student athletes are the parents, who spend early mornings in frigid hockey rinks, or evenings driving the carpool to indoor soccer or lacrosse fields. Weekends are consumed by tournaments and travel, or trips to the doctor for sports-related injuries. For parents it is just a part of life and they don’t want or expect any honors or awards. Mothers and fathers also know that the joy that is felt while cheering on their son or daughter from the sidelines is one of the all-time highlights of parenthood. 

That is why it is not surprising when Kim Allen, Marsha Gaita and Rhoda Au were watching their sons and daughters at the Duxbury High School track and cross-country meets, they noticed that Duxbury was one of the only teams without a team tent: they took action. Allen says, “We were at an Invitational and there were about 50 towns and everyone else had tents for shelter and warmth and we had a dilapidated tarp tent.” Gaita adds in, “The kids look for the tent as a place to change and all of the other towns had tents with the name of the town printed on them.”

As Boosters’ representatives for track and cross-country, the women approached the Duxbury Boosters about the possibility of funding a grant for a tent. They did their research and presented two different prices and options for a tent. The cross-country and track teams came together in making the request, because they will all benefit and be able to share the tent. The boys and girls cross-country teams will be able to use the tent during the fall season, and the boys and girls track teams will utilize the tent in the spring. The teams contributed $600 toward the cost of the tent and the Boosters funded the additional $1,000 needed. The Boosters recognized the importance of the grant and this past fall the 10x15 foot tent with “Duxbury” printed on all four sides was at the cross-country meets for the student athletes to take shelter after their long distance runs. The tent has flaps on the sides and is easily assembled in minutes. It only requires two people to put it together and take it down.

Cross-country captain Craig Feeney, a junior at Duxbury High School, says the tent definitely contributed to team spirit and morale this past season. Feeney says, “The old tent had a hole in the middle of it and water would drip through it when we had meets in the rain.” Cross-country coach Greg Seery says, “The warmth the new team tent was able to provide was key at some of the colder events.” The tent will be a fixture at Duxbury cross-country and track meets for years to come. The Duxbury Boosters is proud to be able to support our talented coaches and students, and the continued excellence in all of the Duxbury High School athletic programs.