State legislators are working to renew calls on Governor Deval Patrick to release $100 million in already authorized Chapter 90 funding for cities and towns.

Representatives Josh Cutler (D-Duxbury) and Tom Calter (D-Kingston), and Senator Robert Hedlund (R-Wey- mouth) joined together to call for the prompt release of the Chapter 90 funds, which are used to reimburse towns for local roadway and transportation projects. The state legislature voted and approved a $300 million bond earlier in 2013, but only $200 million have been released to date.

At a $200 million funding level, Duxbury is eligible for state reimbursements of $514,744. At $300 million, the town would be eligible for $812,617. That is an additional $270,872. The transportation funds have already been voted and authorized by the legisla- ture but can only be released by the executive branch.

In the letter, Duxbury’s legislators wrote, “As you are certainly well aware, this money is crucial to the maintenance and upkeep of the transportation infrastructure throughout the Commonwealth. Our cities and towns have long waited for the remainder of this funding, which has been delivered in a piecemeal fashion that has caused difficulties for cities and towns attempting to im- plement their own budgets and road maintenance programs.”

Reps. Calter and Cutler and Sen. Hedlund also wrote, “It is now incumbent that the administration supports the needs of our municipalities by carrying out the funding that we all have promised. To deny them funds for vital road projects not only steps back from our joint commitment to improve our transportation infrastructure but also our commitment to support local funding to our partner cities and towns.”