A new Duxbury Beach road has been completed as part of the beach reconstruction after the blizzard this past February.

The section of road that was relocated is the 2,000-foot stretch past High Pines and before Plum Hills. That section of road was very narrow, with some portions consisting only of cobble and not of beach sand.

Maggie Kearney, president of the Duxbury Beach Reservation, said the main concern regarding the road is the possibility of a wash over or breach during a storm this coming winter or spring.

The Reservation brought in quarry sand to pour over the existing cobblestones, which provided a solid bed upon which to build the road. Sand was also used to build a sacrificial dune closer to the ocean to protect the road.

Kearney said the project was part of the initial reconstruction process after the blizzard nicknamed Nemo wiped out a significant portion of the beach last winter. Because of the extent of the damage done to the beach, the road project could not be completed before the plover-nesting season, which began on April 15.

“It has been our plan all along to move the road closer to the bay,” she said.

Beach grass will be planted this coming Sunday in the newly reconstructed area and older children and adults residents are asked to volunteer a few hours of their time to assist the planting. Interested volunteers pelase contact Betsey Campebell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 339-832-1556.