FEA-_Paralyzed_KittenOn April 29 a Good Samaritan brought a limp, severely injured Persian kitten to the Duxbury Animal Shelter that he found lying by the side of the road. Her condition was grave and she should probably have been put to sleep but her story was so compelling that the staff at the shelter decided to try to save this young cat’s life. The Good Samaritan told the staff that this gorgeous kitten had been laying by the side of the road from the night before in the heavily wooded area where she was found, it was nothing short of a miracle that she survived the night with the wildlife that call that area home.

The first order of business was to get the kitten evaluated, only to find that she was paralyzed from the middle of her back down from a severe contusion on her spine and, to make matters worse, she also had a diaphragmatic hernia which, left alone, can be life threatening. Because the spine was not severed, the staff at the Duxbury Animal Shelter decided to see if they could get any improvement on her paralysis by bringing her to an acupuncturist and two chiro- practors. The kitten’s condition improved dramatically over a six-week period and she now has feeling down to the base of her spine. They decided to name her Lucky Clover (Clover for short) and so began her journey to wellness. Clover has no idea that there is a thing wrong with her. She scoots around the shelter like any of the other able bodied animals there. She plays, chases toys, uses the scratching post and rolls around on her bed with great joy. She has inspired every person that has had the pleasure of meeting her.

The Duxbury Animal Shelter is hoping to raise the funds to have Clover’s hernia repaired so they can, in turn, get her a kitty wheelchair, or cart, to improve her mobility. They are hoping that some day Clover will actually walk again so she may then become someone’s beloved pet. It is not beyond the realm of possibility given this wonderful kitten’s determination and feistiness.

Anyone interested in donating to this amazing, resilient, little tiger’s medical fund can make a tax-deductible donation to The Town of Duxbury/Animal Shelter, c/o of

Susan Curtis, P.O. 1071, Duxbury, MA 02331-1071. If anyone is interested in meeting Clover, please call the shelter at 781-934-6424 to arrange a meeting with this truly inspirational, sweet kitten.