Just over a decade since he last coached at Duxbury, Ron Glennon has returned to Duxbury as both a coach and a teacher.

As the new girls cross country coach, Glennon has jumped back into coaching at Duxbury, in addition to teaching in the special education department. Glennon coached boys’ cross country at Duxbury High School from 1991 to 1999 and also coached the girls in the late ’90s. From Duxbury he traveled to Boston College High School, his alma mater, where he coached cross-country for six years. Glennon said he continues coaching to make sure his students have the same positive experience he had.

“I really enjoyed competing in high school and college and I wanted to try to catalyze that and help the students have the same experience I did,” Glennon said.

While the bulk of his experience has been coaching boys teams, Glennon said the coaching experience has been slightly different, but no less successful.

“It’s going really well so far,” he said. “The kids are working hard and are progressing; it’s a really tough league to be in.”

Glennon started running cross-country at BC High as a sophomore and later went on to be an assistant coach at BC High in 1978. He attended Saint Michaels College and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, where he ran cross country for a couple of years before stopping to focus on academics.

Since then, he has also taught and coached at Hanover and coached at the Greater Boston Track Club.  Glennon said he was an average runner in high school and college, but loved being on a team.

“I always tell my students I was an okay runner in high school but what I remember is the camaraderie, the daily routine of being a teammate,” he said. “There’s something about having a shared goal, a shared commitment, that defines the sport.”

He also said cross-country quickly became his favorite sport because it is a fall sport and he is able to be outside and enjoy fall in New England. His favorite aspect of the sport is the ability to use the experience to discover who you are, not just as a runner but as a person as a whole.
“Running cross country is a journey for the sport and for the runner,” Glennon said. “It’s been a journey for me as well, in the way things have worked out, and I’m happy to be back in Duxbury.”