The Field House is now open for use by Duxbury athletic teams and the public, as of Monday afternoon.

The school building committee turned the building over to the town and the school Monday afternoon after the building received a temporary certification of occupancy. The building still has a couple things that need to get done before official certification on

Sept. 8. For example, there are currently temporary handicap ramps at the building because the new site is two feet above some areas of the ground. Once it has been leveled out, permanent ramps will be installed, according to school building committee chairwoman Eliza- beth Lewis.

Lewis said the building will be a “wonderful addi- tion” to the site and will provide much need athletic space for teams. Currently, the foot- ball team is using the locker rooms and the cheerleading squad has practices scheduled in the gym. Over the next few months, Lewis said, the maintenance staff will start to fill in the space.

At their most recent meeting, the committee set to work planning a dedication of the Field House. The dedication is now set for the first football game on Sept. 7 and will be named in honor of Lt. Timothy Steele.

“With regards to the dedication, we are plugging along and getting signage all set for the event,” Lewis said.

The Field House may also serve as a public recreation space for community members, Lewis said. With some foreseeable unscheduled time during the school days, it is possible the building may be opened for senior citizens or the recreation department.

The new school site is also progressing as planned, Lewis said. The goal is to have the building totally enclosed by November so the building is “warm and toasty for the winter.”