Community involvement is crucial to an on-going arson investigation into three separate, intentionally set fires that occurred on Chestnut Street on Sunday, Aug. 11, according to a spokeswoman for the State Fire Marshal’s Office.


Spokeswoman Jennifer Mieth said the fires occurred near a church parking lot on Chestnut Street and on a street nearby. The objects that were burned were described as plastic buckets, traffic cones and possibly an old litter box. Mieth said the fires were “obviously intentionally set” and are still under investigation by Duxbury Fire and State Police.

There are no known witnesses at this time.

The Duxbury Fire Department responded to the incidents early Sunday morning, closing down Chestnut Street until around 7:30 a.m. No one was injured in any of the fires but an official investigation is underway to find the cause of the fires.

This is the type of situation where community input is key to solving the case,” Mieth said. “If anyone has information we would ask them to confidentially call the arson hotline at 800-682-9229.”