The Zoning Board of Appeals approved a special permit, with conditions,  to James and Joan Gilson and Timothy and Elizabeth Quinlisk on Hicks Point Road on Monday. The permit will allow the construction of a new pier consisting of a ramp, walkway, platform, gangway and float. 

Both properties are located in the Residential Compatibility District and the Wetlands Protection Overlay District. The applicants proposed to constrcut a new, shared pier consisting of a 4' x 16' access ramp, 4' x 135' walkway, 6'x 8' platform, 3' x 20' gangway and a 10' x 20' float. The pier would project out southerly from the shoreline at a 90 degree angle. 

A public meeting was held on Jan. 10 before ZBA Chairman Pro Tem Wayne Dennison, Scott Zoltowski, Judith Barrett, Jill Cadigan-Christenson and Borys Gojnycz. Dennison read correspondence from other town boards and interested parties into the record, including a unanimous vote for deferment of judgement to the ZBA from the Planning Board at its April 22, 2012 meeting. In a March 1, 2013, memorandum, the Conservation Commission said it had reviewed the special permit application. On March 19, the Commission held a public hearing and issued an Order of Conditions, approving the pier. 

The Duxbury Bay Management Committee expressed concern in an email memo dated April 8, 2013, that "because the pier is close to/abuts the public town landing, it is important to ensure that the pier itself and the applicants' use of the pier, does not interfere with the public's access to and use of the town landing." 

Paul Brogna, of the Seacoast Engineering Company, presented the application and related documents to the ZBA and noted the pier would not interfere with or impact the public landing. He also confirmed access to the public landing along the shore line and noted there would be no commercial use of the pier. 

The ZBA approved the special permit with the following conditions: compliance wiht any and all state, federl and local rules and regulations; compliace with a Chapter 91 license from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; compliance with any and all applicable orders of the Conservation Commission, including but not limited to, the Order of Conditions dated March 19,2013, or as may be amended; posting of appropriate signage consistent with DEP standards on both sides of the pier near the side-stairs informing the public of its right to pass and re-pass over the pier; there shall be no permanent lighting on the pier (although electrical outliets and holidy lighting are permitted) and there shall be no commerical use.