On the weekend of July 20, a plumbing contractor attempting to hydraulically remediate a clogged floor drain caused significant flooding at the Duxbury Police Station, which covered at least 30 percent of the floor area in the building with water containing effluent, or raw sewage. 


The water reached and damepend the dryway and a large-scale cleaning and restoration project is now underway. The project will include the removal of drywall in the men's and women's locker rooms, mechanical room, officer's break room and the hallway leading to the employee parking lot, to a height of four feet from the floor. Sprayed foam insulation behind the drywall will also be removed. 

Servpro, an outside contractor, will clean all areas once the contimnated material have been removed. Lockers will be removed, cleaned and temporarily stored elsewhere. The affected areas will be sanitized and restoration will include the re-installation of new materials which have been permanently removed as a result of the project. 

During the initial cleanup phase, large air handlers and dehumidifiers were temporaily installed to dry out the area. 

Police Chief Matt Clancy and Inspectional Services director Scott Lambiase are working with several contractors on the cleanup and the project is slated to be completed in the next two or three weeks.