The state legislature overrode Governor Deval Patrick’s veto of $177 million in funding for unrestricted local aid last week.

Override supporters said the local aid is crucial for local cities and towns that depend on the aid to fund important local services. An aide to Gov. Patrick said local aid provided one lump sum from which the governor could make a single cut, versus having to make smaller cuts to many different programs.

Local Representatives Thomas Calter D-Kingston, James Cantwell, D-Marshfield, and Josh Cutler, D- Duxbury and Representative Geoff Diehl, R-Whitman, and local senators Robert Hedlund R-Weymouth, Thomas Kennedy D-Brockton, and Therese Murray D-Plymouth, voted in favor of the $177 million

John Madden, Duxbury finance director, said, between revenue and expenses, estimates from October 2012 through July 2013 were off by only 1.26 percent. The town overestimated Chapter 70, school funds and state aid for public schools, by $34,000. Madden said the town had predicted it would not receive the full “lottery aid” amount, which is unrestricted aid financed by the state lottery which is used for police, fire and other municipal services. However, the town did receive the full amount, which offset the overestimation of the Chapter 70 funds.

“We ended up at $66,500 over what we estimated in Oc- tober,” Madden said. “We try to underestimate and expect the unexpected, so overall I think we made out okay.”

The town’s “cherry sheet” is up four percent from last year and assessments are up about 16 percent from last year, with increases anticipated.

“I feel pretty good that the things we look for when put- ting the budget together turned out well for the town,” Mad- den said.