The board of selectmen this week approved a “memo of understanding” between the town and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for the placement of a radiological air monitor in Duxbury, which the town will buy and the state will operate and maintain.

In March, town meeting voters approved spending $18,000 for a radiological air monitoring station located in town and installed, operated and maintained by the DPW as part of its wider monitoring system of the air around the Pilgrim nuclear power station in Plymouth.

Mary “Pixie” Lampert, co-chair of Duxbury’s nuclear advisory committee, said the DPH will be placing three new air monitors around Pilgrim, one near the Colony Place shopping area in Plymouth, another in downtown Plymouth and a third in Duxbury at Gurnet station. Lampert and her committee want the town’s monitor to be at Mattakeesett Court, which is the area off Washington Street consisting of the town pier and harbor. Lampert feels it would better serve the town than the one at the Gurnet.

“Gurnet is useful for the sea breeze effect but not in a disaster,” said Lampert. According to the memo, Duxbury will fund the cost of buying one “Envinet real-time gamma monitor. ”

It will be solar powered and will communicate via cellular modem to a base station in Plymouth. The state health agency will be responsible for calibrating, maintaining and replacing the Duxbury monitor. Any changes to the monitoring system will be agreed upon by both the town and the DPH.