The Duxbury Endangered Species Officer released a report Tuesday morning on the status of the plover chicks and the 17 nesting pairs of plovers. 

Of the 17 nesting pairs of plovers 31 plover chicks have fledged and four unfledged chicks remain on the beach. There is one remaining plover nest on the beach that is due to hatch before the coming weekend, but it will not affect the off road vehicle corridor.

Five areas are temporarily restricted due to unfledged plovers or tern chicks and plover or tern nests. Two areas are on theresident pedestrian beach, one area is between the first and second crossovers, one at the southern end of the second crossover, and one south of Plum Hills toward Gurnet.

The 18th pair was determined a single showing signs of courtship etc but no mate or nest was ever observed or found.

Based on current Endangered/Threatened Species activities and as in the past some area restrictions may last until mid to late August, however it is important to note that the current ORV corridor can conditionally and safely accommodate the 250 resident and 250 non- resident permitted vehicles as prescribed by the current approved Duxbury Beach Management/Conservation Plan.