Fire crews secure building to prevent potential fire

Duxbury firefighters worked to stop a gas leak that occurred when construction workers on the new field house on St. George Street struck a gas line on Monday.

Duxbury Fire Captain Rob Reardon said the call came in late Monday morning from Dimeo, the contractor currently working on a project behind the old high school building.

“When we got there, the line was under pressure and was blowing gas out of the pipe,” Reardon said. “The construction crews were dig- ging in the area and struck a one-inch active gas line.”

Over 200 people were evacuated from the area, in- cluding children attending basketball camp and construction workers. Firefighters then hooked up to a hydrant and used two water hose lines to form a “water curtain,” which pushed the gas away from flammable sources to dissipate the fumes.

“We ran the hoses for between 45 minutes and an hour until the gas company was able to shut the line down,” Reardon


No injuries were reported and construction crews resumed work about 20 minutes after they were given the go ahead from officials.