Duxbury Police department reports new twist on old scam

Duxbury Police are currently investigating a new element in a common scam that they are calling “troubling.”

In a recently released scam alert, the department said it regularly receives reports of telephone scams involving a suspect calling a victim and claiming the victim has won a large amount of money. The scammer tells the victim he or she simply has to pay a tax or handling fee to receive the prize. In many other scenarios, the scammer claims to have a family member as a hostage and demands ransom. 

In the most recent case, the victim received multiple calls from a scammer, who called the police station posing as an officer and obtained the name of one of the Duxbury Police officers.

“The scammer then made another call to the intended victim and identified himself as a Duxbury Police officer in an attempt to validate the authenticity of the intended scam,” the alert said.

Most of these scams involve an attempt to get the victim to wire transfer money to the scammer using a service such as Western Union. 

Residents are advised to be wary of phone calls soliciting any type of personal information or the transfer or any money either by credit card or wire transfer. Anyone who receives these calls should report the call to the Duxbury Police at 781-934-5656.