The Duxbury Fire Department announces that ceremonial bon fire permits are available:


Ceremonial Bonfires, 527 CMR 10:23 permits them July 1st thru the 7th with a permit issued by this Department.  Permits will only be issued to property owners, civic, business associations, communities, and fraternal organizations after proper permitting and fees paid.  All bonfires shall be by permit only, those not properly permitted shall be extinguished.  Those that build bonfires without proper permitting may be subject to local by-laws for dumping and storing waste, building debris etc.  This Office has a deadline of July 2nd to request a permit.  Permits issued shall have an issued permit clearly visible 10 feet from the Bonfire location.


Duxbury Fire wants to remind everyone to have a safe fourth of July and please remember that fireworks are illegal, MGL Ch. 148 S.39 prohibits private citizens to use, possess or sell fireworks in Massachusetts and prohibits the purchase of them elsewhere and then transport them into the State. The law prohibits any article designed to produce a visible or audible effect.


Kevin M. Nord

Chief of Department

Town of Duxbury

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