The Duxbury Police Department issued an alert Monday afternoon, warning of a potential scam involving asphalt paving.

The alert sets up a scenario that includes a man knocking on the front door and saying he has extra asphalt. This man is willing to pave a resident’s driveway at a discounted price. The high pressure approach of the man confuses and intimidates the victim.

“You are not getting a deal, you are being scammed,” the alert says.

If the resident agrees, it is most likely that men and equipment will appear and begin working on the driveway, the alert states. At some point, the original man claims a mistake was made and the resident owes thousands more than the original prices and threatens stopping the work.

“You may be escorted to the bank, to withdraw money,” the alert says. “When you realize the scam you try to cancel the check, only to learn it was cashed within minutes of it being written.”

The alert says paving scams like the one described above occur regularly in Massachusetts and perpetrators target senior citizens. The alert offers suggestions for avoiding victimization: beware of unsolicited offer for paving work, educate yourself and your family, ask to see proof of the solicitor’s insurance, call the police if they begin working with your consent, be a good neighbor, and call the police if you have any questions.