Resident's Letter to Martha Coakley

Written by Administrator
 | Tuesday, 11 June 2013 17:55

Dear Attorney General Coakley,

We are a group, formed yesterday, now already made up of over 3800 Massachusetts citizens who are concerned about the manner a matter has been handled by the town of Duxbury, specifically the possibility of fraud related to the sale of over two million dollars worth of beach stickers to over 9000 Massachusetts citizens.

We have reason to believe that the town knowingly and willfully withheld material information from town residents and non-resident purchasers by selling beach access stickers with full knowledge that the beach would be closed for a substantial amount of time. It appears certain that the town hid this fact and / or failed to inform consumers of this important negative information while collecting a significant amount of money from misled citizens. As late as yesterday, June 4, the town was continuing to sell stickers without informing purchasers that, for the first time since the founding of the beach, the access they expected for the purchase would not exist. The town clearly knew of the closure and it seems that purchasers were not informed of these facts so that the town could collect fees it otherwise would not have been able to collect.

At least one member of our group reports contacting your office and being told that the AG refuses to investigate town matters. Please clarify if, in the case of fraud and misrepresentation by town officials, or any other case, the office of the AG investigates towns and town officials. Several thousand of the people who believe they were misled or defrauded are not town residents and therefor have no standing whatsoever with the Selectmen or town government. We would like to provide information to our 3800 members as well as the media about whether the 9000 purchasers, if indeed shown to be victims of fraud, have any recourse or if you will investigate on our behalf. If not, we'd like to provide the media and members with a statement from you to that effect.

Clearly if a private group such as a music concert promoter collected two million dollars from over 9000 Massachusetts citizens with full knowledge the event would not be taking place as expected and then refused to consider even a partial refund for the tickets, this would be a matter of fraud worthy of investigation by your office. Please clarify if you would consider such an action by a private group to be legal or ethical.

Towns and government officials should be held to an even higher standard than private groups. Over 10,000 people directly affected by this misleading, unethical and possibly illegal practice as well as many more unaffected but interested residents of the state would like to know that your office is representing the people in this matter.

We respectfully request a response.

Thank you for your time.


Bruce Fenton
On Behalf of 3800 Concerned Citizens, 600 letter signers and members of a Facebook group dedicated to this matter