Duxbury resident Bruce Fenton meets with Town Manager Rene Read in front of Duxbury Town Hall Wednesday afternoon to deliver a letter signed by 600 residents and non-residents concerned about extensive closures on Duxbury Beach. 

With about 600 unique signatures on a letter asddressed to new town manager Rene Read, Duxbury resident Bruce Fenton arrived at town hall Wednesday afternoon with a number of questions regarding the recent closure of Duxbury Beach due to a large number of piping plover nests. 

Fenton, who is also the creator of the Keep Duxbury Beach Open Facebook page established late Tuesday evening, said he currently has nearly 4,000 "likes" on the page. Fenton said the letter sought information on when exaclty the town knew the magnitude of the closure of the beach and why the town was not informed. 

"Clearly they knew, at least yesterday, when people were still buying tickets," Fenton said. "That's a big piece of information to withhold."


Fenton explains the purpose of the letter to reporters from WATD, Channel 5 and FOX News prior to giving the letter, signed by 600 people, to town manager Rene Read. 

Fenton said he is looking for transparency from the town on the process by which the decision to close a large area of the beach was made. 

"If a private institution did this, it would be fraud," Fenton said. "You cannot withhold information."

The letter is also asking whether there are alternative solutions or the possibilty of giving partial refunds to sticker holders, both residential and non-residential. 

"Its important to a lot of people," he said. "It's related to their livelihood, so I think people would like to know how the decision was made."


The town manager accepted the letter from Fenton and let him know that a meeting would be set for next Monday, June 10 at 7 p.m. with the selectmen to discuss moving forward. Read said he was looking into possible solutions, such as partial refunds, but could not guarantee anything until the Monday meeting.