Over the past week, Duxbury Police have received numerous calls reporting fraud attempts, including Internet and abduction frauds.

Police Chief Matthew Clancy said the department is investigating two separate incidents in which a man contacts the target victim to suggest he has abducted the victim’s spouse. In both cases, the man asks for immediate ransom through a Western Union transfer. Victims are told not to contact police.

“In each case, the individuals reported to be abducted were quickly located safe and sound,” Clancy said. “This scam has been reported to other police departments throughout the area over the last couple weeks.”

Clancy said victims are advised to always call police if they receive such calls.

“There are several variations of this scam that includes con men purporting to be a relative who is being held under arrest out of the country and is seeking money for bail through wire transfers,” Clancy said.

“Again, always be skeptical and for further assistance always contact the police.”

The police department has also received a number of calls reporting attempted internet frauds in the last few days. Victims have been contacted via email from unknown people who are attempting to purchase or sell items through sites such at Craigslist or Ebay.

"While these scams are nothing new, the change we have seen now are attempts to utilize PayPal or other internet based service payment providers to assist the fraud by filtering funds through another internet domain," Clancy said. 

The suspects then offer to have a moving company pick up the item at a later time. Emails have been sent through Yahoo and Gmail with fictitious names and Clancy said past subpoena attempts ahve led to overseas internet providers. 

"As always, if a deal seems to good to be true, it often is too good to be true," Clancy said. "Always be skeptical of unsolicited deals and offers you receive on the internet or through phone calls to your residence or cell phone."