On Thursday, May 9, the ZBA denied the transfer of a special permit to operate a business to maintain and sell new and used automobiles on the Millbrook Motors property.

The existing owner of the Millbrook Motors property currently holds a special permit to operate a business to sell and maintain new and used automobiles. The property owners, who no longer operate the automobile business, have been out of compliance with their special permit.

The board of appeals went into administrative session after it was made aware of the property owner’s non-compliance with the special permit. A number of displeased neighbors were also at the meeting

“It is unfortunate that the owners have not been good neighbors,” said Scott Zoltowski, board of appeals chairman. “If they were in full compliance with the special permit and wanted to transfer to a new owner or lessor, that would be acceptable. Until they are in conformance with the permit, we cannot approve the transfer.”

Zoltowski said it was his understanding that the businesses on the property appear to be straightforward and “dialed in” for the special permit for selling and maintaining the automobiles. The only issue, Zoltowski said, is the current owners’ non-conformance.

Scott Lambiase, Duxbury building commissioner and director of municipal services, said the existing permit is held by Edwin Loring, who has been the property owner for many years. There are currently two companies operating at the property that also fit under the special permit. The ZBA meeting aimed to transfer the permit from Millbrook Motors to Duxbury Motorworks, which repairs new and used cars, and Impressions Auto Detailing, which cleans and details cars.

Lambiase said the transfer could not occur for a number of reasons: a landscaping company was storing it’s trailer and equipment at the property and operating out of the property, an HVAC company was operating out of the property and there were a large number of fishing traps also stored on the property.

“In order to get those issues cleared up and to legitimize the two businesses on the property I asked them to go in front of the ZBA for an administrative transfer of the special permit,” said Lambiase, who had previously allowed Duxbury Motorworks and Impressions Auto Detailing to operate on the property under the current special permit.

Lambiase said since he requested the non-compliant companies leave the property

over a month ago, he has driven by the property and saw no evidence of the landscaping company or equipment on the property.

“It does seem like they are working towards compliance,” Lambiase said. “The other operations that are not in compliance with, and don’t fit under, the special permit will have to come in to apply for their own permit in order to operate out of that property.”

Lambiase said there was a lot of concern by neighbors on Duck Hill Road who noticed the operations at the back of the property were not in compliance.

“They were not happy with the condition of the building or the appearance of the business and rightfully so,” he said. “Operations going on back there were not permitted and because it is a neighborhood business district, folks saw a lot of extra activity.”

Lambiase said he hopes to have the issue wrapped up on May 22, when the board will meet in administrative ses- sion.