At their most recent meeting, the Board of Selectmen heard a proclamation for National Safe Boating Week begining May 18.

The proclamation stated that 700 people die each year in boating related accidents, nearly 70 percent of which are caused by drowning and of those 84 percent were not wearing a life jacket.

The proclamation also stated that the vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error or bad judgement not by the boat, equipment or environmental factors. The Board of Selectmen signed the proclamation in support of North American Safe Boating and declared May 18-24 National Safe Boating Week.

Selectmen also voted on renewing aquaculture licenses for four license holders.

Gregory Morris, Christian Horne, Donald Merry and Louis Strong were questioned by the Shellfish Advisory Committee for the town of Duxbury in meetings that were in accordance with rules and regulations of the state. All four were asked questions with respect to their operations.

It was the recommendation of the committee to vote unaminoiusly in favor of the renewal of the leases. The Board of Selectmen approved the licenses.

Selectmen also approved a transfer of a liquor license for the Village at Duxbury. Because the board is acting as the licensing authority that may approve a club license for the Village at Duxbury, they voted to approve the transfer from a previous manager to the new manager.

A proposal for the first phase of parking for Blairhaven was also heard at the meeting. The town purchased Blairhaven several years ago and it was placed under the care and control of the selectmen, which is why the proposers came before the board.

The proposers met over the course of a year with the Blairhaven committee on site and their design engineer went through six renditions of the proposal before this one was recommended.

The builders propose constructing 14 spots in the first phase of the project. The design of the parking lot is to create an efficient use of the park for visitors. The plans still require Planning Board approval.