An 18-year-old man was transported to South Shore Hospital Monday morning after his motorcycle flipped over on Mayflower Street.

Duxbury Police said the motorcycle driver was head- ing southbound down Mayflower Street at 8 a.m. when he came around a corner, where a 

school bus and a vehicle were stopped. The driver attempted to stop and flipped the motorcycle over.

Fire Department Captain EMT Robert Tripp said the driver was complaining of a lower leg injury and suffered from multiple incidents of road rash. Tripp said the driver did not lose consciousness, but was transported on advanced life support with two medics in the ambulance.

“The driver was a trauma alert, but I believe he is going to be fine,” Tripp said.

The driver is a resident of Mayflower Street, Tripp said. The motorcycle is registered to his father.

Pat Buell told the Clipper he was driving the motorcycle 30 miles per hour around a blind corner near Christina Court Monday morning when he saw a long line of cars and engaged brakes. As he tried to stop, his rear wheel locked up and he skidded, falling to the pavement. Buell said he broke his tibia and fibula, but said it won’t deter him from getting back on the motorcycle.

On Monday afternoon, Buell tweeted “C’est la Vie thanks for the texts. Had to stop short & skidded out. 2 busted bones. Can’t wait to get back on the horse! #Never Surrender.”

School committee member Mary Lou Buell tweeted Monday afternoon, “Pat’s quite out of it still. Had surgery on his leg at South Shore Hosp [sic] where he’ll be recovering for next few days. Lucky boy!”

“I’ll be riding again as soon as I’m recovered,” Buell said.

The accident is under investigation by Duxbury Police.