Best friends share historic birthday

Written by Administrator
 | Wednesday, 12 December 2012 14:38

“Happy Birthday, Evan,” his mother, Nancy Cooney, said.

Today, Evan and Camryn Evans, best friends who more often than not call each other cousins, will celebrate an usual birthday: they will turn 12 on Dec. 12, 2012.

When Nancy Cooney first met Christina Evans at a childbirth class, she had no idea the two women would end up having anything in common. But when Christina’s daughter Camryn was born at 10:28 on Dec. 12, 2000 and twelve minutes later, Nancy’s son Evan was born, Nancy had a feeling she’d found a lasting friendship.

Evan and Camryn grew up playing together and have remained close friends. Camryn and her family are currently living in Costa Rica, where her father moved for business. For Evan, the transition to not having his best friend always around has been tough.

“We have always been really good friends,” Evan said. “I really miss those guys and I’m excited for Camryn to come home.”

Evan said some of his best memories growing up with Camryn are when they would chase their younger brothers around the house.

The Evanses will travel back to Duxbury for the holidays and in celebration of the monumental birthday, Evan and Camryn will have a very special surprise.

“They both love basketball, so we made them jerseys with their names and the number 12 on the back,” Nancy said. “We just love that they are still such good friends. We secretly hope they get married one day.”

Nancy remarked that the two families have some coincidences between them that she always considered a sign they would be close.  For example, their last name is Evans and Nancy happened to name her son Evan. The Cooneys also live on Christina Court and have since long before they met the Evans.

“It’s just bizarre,” Nancy said. “We are excited to celebrate this birthday with our close friends, too.