A Clipper Visit with Anne Antonellis

Written by Sara Vicidomini
 | Wednesday, 12 December 2012 14:29

Co-Chair of the Duxbury 375th Anniversary Committee, Anne Antonellis has been one busy woman this past year. As the celebrations came to a close last week, The Clipper chatted with Anne as she reflected on her time with the Committee and love for our town and its rich history and culture.


What made you decide to devote your time as co-chair of the Committee? 

Well, honestly, Tony Kelso asked me and if you know Tony you would not say no to him because he is just too nice.

What was your favorite aspect of being co-chair of the 375th Anniversary Committee?

I wasn’t sure at the beginning what was going to be involved in the planning for the year and I really think the best part was working with such a great committee.  Everyone on our committee was dedicated to the planning and worked together wonderfully as a team!

What was the most challenging part, if any?

The biggest challenge for anyone planning events is to make sure all the details are in place and really selling tickets.  A lot of people wait for the last minute to decide to go to an event so you have to really stay on top of the details so you make sure you stay within your budget.

What do all of the Committee members have in common? 

A love of Duxbury.

What memory sticks out most to you? 

At the clambake, I stood back by myself and watched all the people enjoying eating lobster – I felt the time was transformed back to when our grandparents would have had an old fashioned clambake. I just love the small town Duxbury feel.

Which event was the most difficult to pull off?  

The clambake was a lot of work but so well worth it.

What kind of feedback has the Committee been given by the town and community?  

Most people I have talked to have been happy with all the events we planned.  We tried to make sure there was something for everyone.

Have you found that the 375th Anniversary celebrations ignited a renewed interest in our town’s history and culture?  

Yes, I believe people really enjoyed learning more about the history and hopefully this opened up a curiosity for learning more about our town.

How important is it for young children and students to learn about Duxbury’s history in school and at home?

One should always understand where we came from, it helps shape who we become.

Are you sad that the 375th Anniversary celebrations have come to an end? 

I am sad, but it was a great year and I met a lot of great people who I know I will be friends with for many years.  People have asked what are you doing next year for the 376th?  …I just laugh!

How, in your opinion, does Duxbury differ from other South Shore towns? What makes it special?  

I love Duxbury for the quiet feel, the historic nature and just the homey feeling, but I did grow up here. I am biased towards Duxbury because I really would not want to live anywhere else.

What is your favorite part about living in Duxbury?  

The beauty of the town!