A Burlington developer has agreed to buy the 40-unit Brewster Commons and wants to drop the affordable housing development’s 55 plus age requirement.

Northland Residential Corporation of Burlington has entered a purchase and sale agreement to purchase the development from Brewster Commons L.L.C.

Northland Residential will ask the Board of Appeals to approve a modification to drop the current restriction that requires at least one of each units’ occupants to be age 55 or older, during a public hearing to be held when the board meets on Dec. 13.

Director of Municipal Services Scott Lambiase said of the 40 units, 10 would be considered “affordable” under the state Chapter 40B affordable housing law.

Brewster Commons was granted a comprehensive permit in 2004. However, no work has been done at the development, which would be located by the Bay Farm condominiums off of Tremont Street and Woodbridge Road, Lambiase said.

“They have a comprehensive permit. It’s been extended several times. The latest is a transfer. There’s a new entity that owns it and they’d like to build it out in the spring,” he said.

Lambiase said the Board of Appeals approved a request more than a month ago to transfer the comprehensive permit from Brewster Commons L.L.C. to Northland Residential Corporation.

Peter Crabtree, development manager for Northland Residential, said the project would be developed as permitted, and that the road layout and locations of homes would not change.

“Overall, the project is remaining true to what has already been approved. We’re not looking to make any significant changes to it,” he said.

Crabtree claimed the age restriction makes it difficult to secure financing for the project and to attract buyers for the affordable units.

The Planning Board discussed the request at their meeting on Nov. 26, and unanimously opposed it, citing the need for senior housing options in Duxbury and the lack of any compelling rationale for the requested change.

The town homes would have a master bedroom and master bath on the first floor and a second bedroom on the second floor. There would be six detached and 12 duplex homes with a total of 30 market rate units.

Eight of the 10 affordable units would be in four duplex homes. Two existing single family houses would be renovated into affordable homes. The two houses have tenants with rental agreements with Brewster Commons L.L.C.

The ZBA will host a public hearing on the proposed amendment scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.