State grants Duxbury $124,115 for water quality in Kingston Bay

Written by david Mittell
 | Wednesday, 28 November 2012 20:06

The state Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs announced last week that Duxbury is one of six coastal communities receiving grants dedicated to improved coastal water quality. Duxbury will receive $124,115 to begin construction of three systems that will capture and filter storm water flowing into Kingston Bay along Bay Road. The hope is to be able to reopen shellfish beds that have been polluted by contaminated run-off.

Duxbury’s match is $41,372 -- part of which is included in the staff time of Conservation Administrator Joe Grady, who is working closely with the state on the project.

Kingston has received an almost identical grant ($124,495) for final design of plans to reduce bacterial pollution in the Jones River. These projects together give reason to hope that the next few years will see a significant improvement in Kingston Bay’s water quality, and in the health of its fisheries and shellfish beds.