Gone fishin': Monster shark tournament

Written by Skip Cornell
 | Wednesday, 01 August 2012 07:00
COASTAL REPORT:  Tuna fishing remains slow at best. There has been a new pod of tuna that moved into the Golf Ball area to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank, but the fish are real spooky. Hopefully they will settle down and fishing might get better. Striper fishing on Peaked Hill Bar remains poor with just a few sub-legal fish being caught. Blue fishing is good to excellent with many fish at 12-plus pounds. Wire line jigging with black and purple or red and black Hotjigs is your best bet in 15 to 35 feet of water. Over at the Race at Provincetown, jigging for small stripers and large jumbo bluefish is about the best bet here. Watch out for the large seals as they try to steal your fish right off your hook or bite the line off. Water temperatures around the Race and southwest corner are in the low to mid 70s, so the mackerel are moving to the north and deeper water.

Across Cape Cod Bay into the Plymouth and Duxbury area, fishing remains fairly good with lots of fluke and flounder. Night or early morning fishing off Brown’s Bank with a tube and worm on lead core line has been paying off with some nice keeper stripers. Live bait (pogies) has been working well around Clark’s Island and so-so in Warren’s Cove. Night fishing seems to be your best bet to land a striper now that water temperatures are high and lots of beach goers and boat traffic are in full force. Find some live pogies and fish them in Duxbury or Plymouth Bay and your chances turn really well. Fluke rigs tipped with squid or clams or even sea worms are great baits for fluke. Try fishing on the outgoing tides and in any of the sandy bottom channels throughout the Bay. There are plenty of small bluefish around and even a few medium size ones.

At the Gurnet, around the large rocks, live bait fishing seems to work with a few keeper-stripers being caught. The High Pines Ledge and Duxbury Beach areas are having a slowdown on stripers, but there are still some being caught. Over at Green Harbor around the Burke’s Beach area fluke and flounder fishing is HOT-HOT-HOT, with many keeper size fluke. Again, fluke rigs tipped with sea worms or squid do the trick. Don’t forget to practice catch and release, too. Fishing from the jetties is basically a nighttime deal with only a few keeper stripers being caught. Chunk bait is working the best here at high water. Fishing from Bluefish Cove to the North River is already in the dog days of August. Mackerel are getting very hard to find here also, but if you do find some go inside the North River. There have been some good keeper-sized stripers feeding on live bait. Soft plastic baits like Shankas also have been working well all the way up the river to the Union Street Bridge.

Here’s the update on the Monster Shark Tournament held on July 20 and July 21 on Martha’s Vineyard:

Largest porbeagle:    447 pounds caught by Lady Diana

Largest thresher:    446 pounds caught by Island Rose

Largest mako: 411 pounds caught by Indian Princess


Thresher: 403 pounds caught by Ocean Runner

Thresher: 283 pounds caught by Sum Fun

Mako: 231 pounds    caught by Fortunate

Don’t forget to take a kid fishing!