COASTAL REPORT: This week, commercial striped bass fishing starts. Most of the area around the backside beaches of the Cape are loaded with bait (mackerel). Tuna fishing on Peaked Hill Bar is poor at best (where is Charlie the Tuna?). Best bet at Peaked Hill is trolling squid bars and daisy chains at first light. After the tide changes, try fishing live baits on kites and balloons or water bottles. As the fish notice the balloons, they realize it means danger and they won’t bite the bait.

Inside on Peaked Hill Bar, in 15 to 35 feet of water, there are jumbo size bluefish at 12-plus pounds. Best bet here is to wire-line-jig for these toothy critters. All red or red and black Hotjigs seem to be the best colors.

The southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank is full of mackerel, but only just a few large bluefish. Over at the Race at Provincetown to the Bath House area there are some small pockets holding keeper bass, but striper fishing has been slow. Most of these stripers are also coming on wire line jigging with red or red and black jigs. Across the bay in Plymouth and Duxbury fishing is good for stripers, blues and fluke. Mackerel can be jigged up on Sibiki rigs in the Brewers Ledge area to be used inside Plymouth and Duxbury Bay. Just inside the Gurnet in very shallow water there are some keeper size stripers just waiting for a live mackerel. Try fishing around Browns Bank before the beach crowd gets there. Use live bait and try trolling tube and worms in black or red. Most everywhere inside Plymouth and Duxbury Bays you can find stripers or bluefish – in Plymouth try the Town Pier and the entrance to the Eel River. Inside Duxbury, try Warrens Cove and the Cordage Channel as well as Bug Light and Clark’s Island on an outgoing tide.

Fishing up at the Powder Point Bridge is also good where blues, bass and fluke are plentiful. Find a sandy bottom near a channel creek and try fishing for fluke. Best lures for fluke are fluke rigs, Spro jigs in white and yellow or white and yellow bucktail jigs. Tip the jigs with squid or a strip of mackerel. Fluke fight really hard and are a very good tasting fish. Pogies are in Duxbury and if you can, use a throw net. There are plenty to be had.

Outside of the bay area at High Pines Ledge, stripers and bluefish fishing has been okay but the fish are there one minute and gone the next. Best bet here is fishing at mid-tide to high water. Live bait has been working, but umbrella rigs and deep diving plugs are also good. Shore fishing from Duxbury Beach is good in the early morning and after sunset. Best bet here is slinging eels or cut bait -- either pogies or mackerel.

Over at the entrance can to Green Harbor, flounder fishing is still good. Clams and sea worms work best here. Fishing from the jetties at Green Harbor is also best in the early morning or after sunset. Best bet here is live eel or cut bait, but top water plugs are also hot.

From Bluefish Cove to the New Inlet at the North River fishing has been on the slow side but a few inshore cod have been a surprise. Outside the River from Fourth Cliff to Third Cliff, live bait fishing has been good. Lots of mackerel are still around although you have to travel to deeper water to find them. Fishing in both the North and South Rivers has been real good with lots of stripers at 28 to 36 inches and no bluefish, so the mackerel might stay around.

Don’t forget to take a kid fishing!