From the AD: A thank you to Boosters

Written by Thom Holdgate
 | Wednesday, 28 March 2012 14:00

As with most extracurricular activities, fund raising is the backbone that enables the athletic department to function.  The funding that the school provides pays for the basics of our student-athletes: transportation, coaches, officials and fundamental equipment.  Booster Club, through its various fund raising activities, is able to give the student-athletes of Duxbury extra needed items.

The Duxbury High School Athletic Boosters Club ( which ‘umbrellas’ all sports, purchases many big line items that are outside of the fiscal scope of the athletic department.  In the past few years, just a few of the items they have purchased are the following: • A timing system for the swim team at the Percy Walker Pool

• Championship banners for the high school gym

• Video cameras for both basketball programs

• Emergency walkie talkies for the ski program

• Portable nets for the soccer program

• Sails for the sailing program

• A substantial donation towards the turf field/track project

• Substantial donations towards both Chandler baseball field, high school softball field and The Bog locker room projects

This past weekend marked another successful fundraiser for the Boosters Club, as they ran their annual antique show.  The antique show,  in addition to the concession stand, are the two main avenues through which the Boosters Club raises funds.  Tireless work over three days by a plethora of people, enabled this to be another successful year for our antique show.  A special thanks to Joanne Williams, Lisa Webber, Angela Sinnott and Susie Caliendo for all of their help behind the scenes in the months preceding this event. I would like to especially thank Joanne and all of her help over the span of many years.

I would also like to thank Ann Weld and Ann Mullins for all of their help with the year-round entity that is our inside and outside concession stands.

The generous donations to the athletic department go a long way to helping our town’s youth success, not only in the athletic arena, but in the areas that these successes aid outside of athletics.