A pair of male students at Alden School have been identified as those responsible for writing threatening language on a bathroom sink at the school last week. A pair of male students at Alden School have been identified as those responsible for writing threatening language on a bathroom sink at the school last week.

The message was discovered after school on Friday, March 19 and school officials talked to students and parents about the incident the following Monday.  Two days later, a letter accompanied all Alden, Chandler and Duxbury Middle School students indicating that the authors were identified and “appropriate school and legal actions have been taken.”

While she would not comment on the grade level of those involved or the school disciplinary measures, Superintendent Eileen Williams said the pair were identified after Alden Principal Susan Skeiber and Assistant Principal Christopher Trombly spoke with students on Monday morning.

“A number of students spoke with them afterwards and that led them to speak to the two involved,” said Williams, who said they will face “appropriate disciplinary actions.”

Lt. Chip Chubb of the Duxbury Police Department said that the schools contacted his department after the two were identified and that all information on the case has been forwarded to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office.  Chubb said his agency is awaiting word from the D.A. regarding possible charges against the two students.

Included in Wednesday’s letter to parents from school officials was a note written by one of the students involved that his parents requested be shared with students.

In the note, the student said he “gave into peer pressure” on a dare to write a threat on the sink and apologized for scaring anyone at the school.

“I thought it would be funny to write what I wrote, but it was not funny at all, it was very scary,” the student wrote.  “I take full responsibility for my actions because I could have chosen not to do what I did.  People do not control me, I do.”

Williams said that she thought the student’s note could be a lesson for others.

“What you hope is that a student learns something from a poor choice,” she said.  “It is clear that this student did and it is wonderful he is able to share what he learned with others.  My hope is that what was written will be a topic of conversation at every dinner table in the community.”

The student’s letter was certainly the center of attention at Alden parent Susan Soldi’s home that night.

“It opened up conversation [with my kids] and was a reminder to talk with kids about these things,” she said.

Soldi added that she was somewhat concerned about the incident, mainly because she did not know what exactly was written on the sink, given the minor details on the incident by school officials.

“If it was a swear, that will happen, butÖfor the most part, I don’t know the details, so I was left wondering because the details we were given were vague,” said Soldi.

Other parents who spoke to the Clipper were not as concerned, with one parent who wished to remain anonymous saying because she knew who was involved, she was not concerned.

“My son told me who did it and because I know the kid, I knew it wasn’t a threat and that he wouldn’t follow through on whatever he wrote,” said the parent.

Other parents said they thought this was more of a copycat incident of what has been happening at Duxbury High School than a sincere threat.

“I wasn’t really worried because sometimes kids copy things they see going on,” said parent Erin McCarthy.  “I feel bad for the parents [of those involved] because this child didn’t realize what the repercussions would be.”

Williams said she hopes that the lessons learned by students at Alden would carry over to their older counterparts at the high school.

“What that young man talks about [in his note] is taking responsibility for actions and that is part of what we need at the high school,” she said.  “That person [making threats] and the people who know about it need to take responsibility in ways that we can resolve this issue.”