The idea to adopt a state law allowing Duxbury to consolidate some town and school services generated a bit of debate at Saturday’s Annual Town Meeting before it passed on a voice vote.

Previously, state law required town government functions to operate separately from those of the school administration. Now, town and school officials can look at ways to consolidate their efforts in areas such as information technology, facilities management, human resources and grounds maintenance. The goal is to save money. Selectmen Chairman Shawn Dahlen supported Article 10, saying adopting this initiative was the first step in allowing the town to move forward in its efforts to streamline operations. By voting for this article, he said, it would direct town and school officials to begin reviewing where they could each benefit by sharing services. Once a plan is in place, Dahlen said the voters would learn of it and be able to approve it.

School Committee Chairman Gary Magnuson said his committee voted to support Article 10 in order to let a new facilities manager oversee the new school buildings after they are completed.

“It makes sense,” he said.

School Committee Vice-chair Anne Ward said she abstained from supporting Article 10 during a school committee vote because she did not have enough information. She asked the town to appoint a task force to investigate how the consolidation of services would work.

“We need to do more due diligence,” Ward said.

Surplus Street resident Jeanne Clark was glad the town was moving in this direction. In the past, she said people she knew tried to offer their professional expertise to the previous school administration, but were rebuffed.

“There has been tremendous waste,” said Clark. “We need to do anything we can do to achieve more co-operation.”