Most of the crashes plotted for this special report involve property damage or nonlife threatening injuries. However, there have been several fatal accidents in Duxbury over the past several years.

In September of 2007, the community was stunned when an accident on Union Bridge Road, near the intersection with Franklin Street claimed the life of Duxbury High School senior Steven Laramee, and left Laramee’s brother Eoin and friend Spence Meine hospitalized.

Laramee was remembered as a funny, sweet student who hated Harry Potter but loved life, during a candlelight vigil the following Sunday afternoon at the Town green.
In June of 2011, a Middleboro woman was killed at the intersection of Franklin Street and Route 53.

Duxbury police and fire units were dispatched to the report of a three-car accident at the intersection of Summer Street and Franklin Street at 9:45 a.m. on Thursday, June 11.

The female operator of one of the vehicles, Susan Durant, 58, of Middleboro, was seriously injured and was transported to Jordan Hospital by the Duxbury Fire Department. Durant later died of her injures at the hospital.

While this story did not take into account accidents that took place on Route 3, there was a fatal accident along the highway in Duxbury in 2006.

On Feb. 26, 2006, a truck driven by 35-year-old Daniel Reddington struck an overpass. Reddington was killed, and the tragedy was compounded later that day. The owner of the company Reddington worked for, Ben Iannucci, collapsed upon hearing the news – the victim of a fatal heart attack.