Selectman: Allegations made against police chief over the weekend

Written by Administrator
 | Tuesday, 06 October 2009 17:13

Selectman Christopher Donato said Tuesday that part of the town's settlement with Police Chief Mark DeLuca involves allegations made against the chief.

Donato said he learned over the weekend that “statements were made under oath” regarding allegations against DeLuca. However, he said he was not privy to any of the specifics. He did say, however, that as part of the settlement those allegations “would disappear.”

During Monday's Board of Selectmen meeting, Town Counsel Robert Troy said in a brief open session that “Because of today's events it might be a good idea to cancel the meeting ... simply for the advantages of time.” He did not at the time elaborate as to what those events might be.

During a closed-door session portion of the meeting that was inadvertently broadcast over local cable access, Troy elaborated to the board.

“People have made statements that is quite frankly, imposes on the municipality a duty to investigate whether those statements are affirmed or not affirmed,” he said. “That has to be ferreted out and that's going to be a lengthy period of time.”

After the meeting, Troy declined to comment publicly, saying that he was not involved in any statements and was merely referring to them as a procedural matter. Board of Selectmen Chairwoman Betsy Sullivan and Town Manager Richard MacDonald declined to comment.