Duxbury PRIDE lights up

Written by Colleen Moore
 | Tuesday, 04 August 2009 21:15

Duxbury residents are invited to show their “PRIDE” next week at a cookout to help raise money for the completion of the turf field at the high school.

The group has been working for the past four years to complete the project, Duxbury PRIDE member Ann Mullins said. The last push for $25,000 is to pay for the lighting renovations in time for fall sports.

The lights were a part of the first section of the project, which took place earlier this summer. The wiring for the lights run under the turf field, and needed to be placed before the turf was laid down. There were two new poles installed and energy efficient light bulbs were put in to replace the old ones.

Although the lights have already been replaced, the group needs to raise the last bit of money to pay for the renovations.

The group is hosting “Tailgate for Turf Part 2: Light Up the Night” on Aug. 15 to raise money to pay for the renovated lights.

“It’s a very casual event, it’s a cookout,” Duxbury PRIDE member Joanne Savard said. There will be a DJ and music from a band featuring Duxbury High School alumni, as well as a 50-50 raffle and a silent action.

Duxbury PRIDE has already raised $900,000 to pay for the turf field and the installation. The last two sections of the project, to be completed early August, are to refurbish the track and install fencing around the field. 

“This is the culmination of almost three years of fundraising,” Mullins said. Duxbury PRIDE was established by a group of parents and coaches who saw the need for a turf field in town. The old varsity field behind the high school had major drainage problems that often resulted in an unsafe and unplayable field. The group has been working for the past several years to gain approval for the field and to raise funds for the turf, lights, track and installation.

The project is on time to be completed in time for fall sports. The first home football game is Sept. 11. Duxbury PRIDE plans on having an opening ceremony at some point during the fall, but has not determined when yet, Mullins said.

Tickets to the Light Up the Night event are $50 and are being sold at SportWorks in Duxbury and Pro Sports in Kingston.