Conduct policy adopted for town workers

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The policy outlines the town’s expectations for the performance and behavior of its employees. These expectations include showing up for work, following instructions and town policies and being efficient and competent. The policy also states that employees must act “honestly, conscientiously, and reasonably” and in the best interest of the town and its residents.  

Selectmen voted unanimously to adopt the professional conduct policy. Despite approving the document, Selectman Jon Witten said he felt the policy was “generic and obvious” and didn’t feel that it could be enforced.

Horne disagreed saying, “That’s not my understanding. It is an enforceable document.”

“This policy is what any reasonable person would expect their work place to be,” said Horne. “It sets the stage.”

Selectmen Chairman Betsy Sullivan called the document “a mission statement for what we are, for what we are looking for, and for what we expect.”

Horne said that this policy will eventually become part of an employee handbook and will be part of a packet for new employees. She said it will also be distributed to all town workers.

The professional conduct policy states that employees must respect the privacy of individuals and not abuse confidential information.

The policy applies to all paid, appointed town employees, except those under the School Committee’s supervision. Those employees in unions are subject to the policy’s provisions that are not specifically regulated by their union contracts.