Town Counsel Robert Troy this week rebutted the claims made by Officer Myers in a prepared statement, in which Myers claimed that the charges against him were of a “kangaroo court” nature, by saying that it would be obvious to anyone who read the transcripts of the public disciplinary hearings that the charges were well-founded.

“Everyone in the community has seen him working at the restaurant while we’ve been paying him,” Troy said.  The type of back injury which Myers is supposed to have sustained, Troy went on, is often very debilitating, but Myers is clearly “in great shape.”  Troy also pointed to the fact that Myers has refused to appear at the disciplinary hearings, and “hid in his house” when three officers went there to serve him notice of the hearing.  According to Police Chief Mark DeLuca, police officers were indeed sent to Myers’ home both on the day of, and during, the hearing on May 27.

At that hearing, Officer Myers’ attorney, Doug Louison, and DeLuca were involved in an “almost physical confrontation,” according to Troy.  Louison was “screaming his lungs out,” Troy said, and people on the first floor of Town Hall ran down to the Mural Room in the basement where the hearing took place because they thought “someone had lost their mind.”

When asked about this exchange, DeLuca played down the incident, and said that Louison “was being a little loud and obnoxious, and I asked him to take a seat so we could get on with the hearing.”

Efforts to reach Louison were unsuccessful.