Tempers Flare at Youth Basketball Game

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Cody Boyns, the father of the boy who was reportedly grabbed, said Monday, “My child was assaulted by a coach. I pushed the coach away from further assaulting my child.”

Police confirmed that the person who was “grabbed” by Boyns at the Chandler School gymnasium was Tom Kazanowski, a volunteer of the youth recreation basketball program. Police received a report of the altercation from Kazanowski but no charges were filed.

Recreation Director Gordon Cushing said Monday he was investigating the incident.

A witness to the event whose son plays on the same team as the Boyns boy  said that the game was clearly getting out of hand.  She said there are no referees at youth basketball games and the coaches run the game.

She said there was a lot of rough play allowed to go on and many jump ball situations.

At the end of the game, during the “high five” lines she said a player appeared to slap Boyns’ son particularly hard on the hand causing his hand to hit his own face.  She said the Boyns boy then shoved back the opposing team player. The witness said the coach of the opposite team then grabbed the Boyns boy which led to the father’s intervention.

No assault was reportedly involved.

Boyns said that he wants to put the incident behind but that his son wanted to quit the program.

Kazanowski could not be reached for comment but his wife, Kathleen, said they did not want to comment on the incident but any information could be obtained from the police department.