Boxing league led by police chief faces lawsuit

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According to a civil suit that will be heard in Quincy District Court on Nov. 12, the landlord claims the athletic league owes thousands of dollars in back rent.

According to Sau Cai, the landlord at 1450 Hancock Street in Quincy, the league owes 10 months of rent and utilities. He is also claiming the league left the facility in a state of disrepair. Overall, Cai is looking for about $17,000 in the lawsuit.

The league is contesting the lawsuit, and according to its attorney, Stuart Delano of Brockton, the league left 1450 Hancock Street in Quincy because the conditions were less than ideal.

“Our position is that the South Shore Police Athletic League essentially does not owe any rent,” Delano said.

Delano said the property in Quincy was unsuitable for use.

“With commercial buildings, you do not have the same standards for lack of habitibilaty,” Delano said, but he added that there were a lot of problems at 1450 Hancock Street.

“There were water leaks that were damaging the building and damaging the equipment,” he said.

There were also numerous code violations, air quality and ventilation problems with the building, Delano said.

Because of the numerous problems, the South Shore Police Athletic League vacated the premises and does not owe back rent, according to Delano.

According to Cai, the league remained under the lease it had with the previous owner of the building, EK&K Realty Trust, until February of 2007, even though the league had stopped making rent and utility payments in May of 2006.