PRIDE inching closer to turf field

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 | Tuesday, 09 September 2008 17:47
The reality of having a turf field installed at Duxbury High School for use in the late spring of 2009 is getting closer every day.

The reality of having a turf field installed at Duxbury High School for use in the late spring of 2009 is getting closer every day.

The organizers of PRIDE (Promoting Recreation Investment to Develop Excellence) are making every effort over the next 30 days in a final push to raise $200,000 toward their goal of $1,300,000. If they can raise this sum by late September, construction can begin in November after the last high school football game. This timetable would create the potential for high school and youth games being played on the field late next spring.{sidebar id=4}

PRIDE members have worked for more than two years on this effort and are hoping that with a final push in September for the remaining $200,000, a new high school field and track will create a first-class facility that will allow significant increase in usage by Duxbury athletes of all ages.

The number one benefit of installing a turf field at the high school is increased usage.  Over the past few years, the deteriorating condition of the DHS field has limited its use to approximately 30 times a year. With a newly installed turf field, Duxbury athletes would have the ability to use the field 50-75 times in the first week and for every week after.

According to PRIDE Core Team member Kevin Mullins, the group’s efforts over the next 30 days are:

1. Executing a town wide mailing, updating all on the progress of the effort and asking for donations.

2. Meeting with high school sports and youth groups to solicit the support of their families to close the $200,000 gap.

3. PRIDE Core team members will be contacting people by letter and phone, asking both past and future donors for their support.

“It has been great to get the support of over 300 individual donors to get us to this point,” said Mullins. “Over 130 donors have contributed $1,000 or more and 56 donors have contributed $5,000 or more. But now we are asking everybody to do what he/she can and get this field up and running. There are six families that have chosen to be Founders by making donations of $25,000 or more, and we can’t thank them enough for their generosity and leadership. We know not everyone can be Founders, but we are hopeful that with some extra effort by all over the next 30 days, we can complete this effort.”{sidebar id=1}

When asked what would happen if the $200,000 is not raised in the next 30 days, Mullins’ replied,  “We hope we don’t have to address that issue, but if we do, everyone should know that all of us on the PRIDE Core Team are committed to seeing this project through to completion. We are committed to privately raising the money necessary for a new high school field. The need is still there, because the high school field is in deplorable condition. We have come too far, worked too hard, and received the generous support of too many people. We will complete our task and we’ll work as long as it takes to get the job done.”

Members of the PRIDE Core Team include: Pete Muncey, Pete Naton, Scott Fitzgerald, Dave and Colleen Maimaron, Jacques Pelletier, Stan Startzell, Sandy Coonan, Stacy Reinhart, John Turner, Heidi White, Mort Fearey, Darryl Demos, Chris LoConte, Peter Murphy, Mark Barrington, Brent Watts, and Chris Sweet.

“I think that it is important for the people of Duxbury to know about the great work and efforts of their dedicated neighbors and friends who make up the team,” said Mullins. “They have worked countless hours in support of this project and will see it through to completion. We have 30 days to raise the $200,000 in order to have the DHS field up and running in 2009, so we are asking the support of the Duxbury community to make this effort a reality.”