Among the many parcels of The dig will be overseen by certified archaeologist Craig Chartier. Chartier’s main goals are to identify any evidence of a structure ever being present on the site and to date the period(s) of occupation. According to his preliminary research, the “conventional” wisdom regarding the dates of the Second Meeting House may not be accurate. During his lecture on Aug. 21, Chartier will detail some of his research on the site and describe what will take place over the course of the dig.

The Society is seeking volunteers for the archaeology project. Participation does not require any prior experience. However, the Society does ask that volunteer participants attend a brief training session on Saturday, Sept. 27 at 1 p.m. at the Drew Archival Library in the Wright Building. The digging will take place over the course of two weeks from Oct. 6 to 18.

Those with questions about the lecture, or the archaeology project in general, should contact the Society at 781-934-6106.