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In February, Tom Daley left for the top public works position in Newton after more than five years as the DPW Director in Duxbury.

Town Manager Richard MacDonald is meeting with the search committee on May 16 to begin the process of hiring a replacement for Daley.

“During the first meeting, we’ll be paring down the applicants and then going from there,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald said there is no timeline in place to find a new DPW director. Since Daley left, Peter Buttkus has been the acting director of the department.

“The department is moving along very well with Mr. Buttkus, so we’ll be able to take our time,” MacDonald said.

Buttkus, who has worked for the town for 14 years, said he has applied for the director’s position.

“It’s a great town to work in,” said Buttkus. “Especially with my background in natural resources, you can’t ask for a better place to be.”

For Buttkus, this is his second time around as acting director.

“We’ll see what happens,” he said. “If I happen to get the job, that’s great. If not, I go back to a job I like

During his time in Duxbury, Daley was in charge of a number of large projects, including the expansion of the town cemetery, initial plans for the construction of a 1-million gallon water tank and the changeover to pay-as-you-throw trash service.

The Duxbury DPW budget is about $4 million for the current fiscal year. The DPW encompasses buildings and grounds, water and sewer, cemetery and highway departments and the transfer station.

While the search committee will have input into the hiring of a new DPW director, MacDonald said the final decision rests with him.

“I’m looking for an individual with strong management skills,” he said.