A routine vendor’s license request at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting Monday night became contentious as the family of the town’s only licensed hot dog vendor accused another vendor of not playing by the rules.



Robert F. Shine, of Marshfield, doing business as Shinetti’s Grill, came before select- men because he was told that to sell hot dogs in Duxbury he needed to apply for a vendor’s license.


Shine told the board that he had been operating in Duxbury at various events this summer through the use of one-day temporary food permits issued by the board of health. He said he didn’t know he was supposed to obtain a vendor’s li- cense from the board of selectmen as well.


“Ninety percent of what I do is by invite only and it is for an event,” said Shine. “I didn’t know I had to be here.”


The vendor’s license application before the selectmen stated that Shine could sell hot dogs at most of the ball fields in town. It also required him to have a criminal background check, workers compensation and liability insurance, and inspections and permits from the board of health and the Duxbury fire department.


Shine said he did not plan to sell hot dogs at the fields for any sporting events that did not specifically ask for him, because he was aware of Jake’s Dogs, the only licensed hot dog vendor in Duxbury, which has been in business for seven years.


“I don’t want to step on their toes,” Shine said.


Owner of Jake’s Dogs, Jake Genereux started sell- ing hot dogs when he was 12. Now a sophomore in college, he could not attend the meet- ing due to course commitments but his parents spoke for him Monday night. His mother, Wendy Genereux, was unhappy with the situation because she said that unlike her son who had obtained the necessary license, permits, inspections and insurance every year, Shine was able to sell hot dogs in town without any of these things.


“You can’t just set your cart up. You are stepping on toes – the toes of people who are following the rules,” Wendy Genereux told Shine.


Genereux said she had an unpleasant interaction with Shine when she asked him if he had a permit to sell hot dogs at the Sinnott ball field. She said instead of answering her question, he asked her: “Who are you?”


“He just came off very belligerent and attacking me,” she said. “Nobody deserves to be treated that way. This guy just thinks he can do what he wants to do.”


Selectmen took issue with Shine telling them he didn’t know he needed a vendor’s li- cense because he had received one from the town in 2005 and 2006.


“It troubles me that you said in 2006 that you didn’t understand that you had to get a license from the board of selectmen and yet you’re back here in 2014 with the same story,” said Selectman Ted Flynn, after reading Shine’s statement from the board’s 2006 minutes that said he was unaware that he needed a vendor’s license.


Shine said he has a vendor’s license in Marshfield and sells hot dogs in many other towns. He said Duxbury is the only town that requires him to have a vendor’s license. He said he thought that by obtaining one day food permits from the board of health he was covered.


“As far as I knew, I did exactly what I’m supposed to do,” said Shine.


“The board of health seems to be under the assumption that they can issue a license to actually do the function,” said Selectmen Chairman Shawn Dahlen. “That’s what he has in his hand right now.”


However, Selectman David Madigan pointed out that this permit stated on it that it was “subject to conditions set forth from the board of selectmen.”


Dahlen said the board needed more information from both the board of health and the municipal services department about what licenses and permits were needed before making a decision on Shine’s application.


Selectmen voted to table the discussion on Shine’s vendor’s license application and take no action until their next meeting on Aug. 25. They did, however, allow Shine to work at two events for which he already had one-day BOH permits in hand, including an event with a live band at the senior center this week.